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Govt. Operations of Nafed

Price Support Scheme (PSS)

Oilseed In Order to help the farmers in getting remunerative prices for their produce with a view to encourage higher investment and as also to increase production and productivity of a commodity, Government of India declares Minimum Support Price (MSPs) for 25 notified agricultural commodities for each Kharif & Rabi crop season.

NAFED is one of the Central Nodal Agencies for 16 notified agricultural commodities of Oilseeds, Pulses and Cotton under Price Support System (PSS), NAFED continues to be the sole of Central Nodal Agency of Government of India for procurement of Milling Copra and Ball Copra under PSS. NAFED has been additional Central Agency of Government of India in addition to Cotton Corporation of India(CCI) since 2004-05 for procurement of Cotton under PSS. As per the Scheme, the procurement is to be undertaken, if the market price of FAQ stocks rule at or below the declared MSPs and procurement is to be continued till the market pricestabilize above the declared MSP.The PSS will be in operation for 90 days in each Kharif/ Rabi season from the date of commencement of harvest season commodity-wise as notified by respective State Governments. NAFED is procuring FAQ stocks under PSS directly from the farmersthrough its Cooperativ network at State lavel and Primary lavel. The payment to the farmers is made through accounts payee cheques. Losses if any incurred in PSS Oilseeds, Pulses and Cotton ware to be reimbursed fully by GOvernment of India. The MSP of Copra is declared on calendar basis. While announcing MSP of Copra for 2013 season vide DAC letter dated 20.02.2013, Government of India for 2013 season. NAFED has been implemnting the Scheme on behalf of Government of India for more than three decades.


  Commodity 2012-13 2013-14
Kharif Crops
Soyabean (yellow) 2240 2560
Soyabean (Black) 2200 2500
Groundnut-in- shell 37000 4000
Sunflower Seed 3700 3700
Sesamum Seed 4200 4500
Niger Seed 3500 3500
Moong 4400 4500
Urad 4300 4300
Tuar(Arhar) 3850 4300
Cotton (Medium Staple Length) 3600 3700
Cotton (Long Staple Length) 3900 4000
Rabi Crops
Rape Seed/ Mustard 2500 3000
Safflower Seed 2500 2800
Gram 2800 3000
Masur (Lentil) 2800 2900
Toria 2425 2970
Perennial Crops
Milling Copra 5100 5250
Ball Copra 5350 5500
De-Husked Coconut 1400 1425

During the year 2012-13, the prices of Milling& Ball Copra, Sunflower seed, Tur, Urad and Cotton ruled below the respective Minimum Support (MSP) fixed by the Government of India for the relevant marketing season.

NAFED procured a quantity of 64913 MTs of Milling Copra valued at Rs 353.00 Crore in the States of Kerala,Tamil Nadu , Lakshadweep, AP, Andaman and Nicobar Island.

NAFED produced a quantity of 49 MTs of special grade Milling Copra valued at Rs. 0.23 Crore in the State of Andhra pradesh.

In addition, Nafed also produced a quantity of 9276 MTs of Ball Copra valued at Rs 52.00 Crore in the state of Karnataka and Kerala.

Nafed produced a quantity of 1499 MTs of Sunflowerseed valued at Rs. 5.55 Crore in the State of Karnataka during Kharif 2012-13.

In addition, Nafed has also produced a quantity of 77051 MTs of Urad valued at Rs. 345.44 Crore and 16004 MTs of Tuar valued at 63.28 Crore in Maharashtra, AP, UP, Rajasthan, MP, Karnataka, Gujarat, West Bengal and Jharkhand, State under Price Support Scheme.

Details of various Oilseeds and Pulses procured by NAFED under PSS during the year 2012-13 are given as under :-


S.No Commodity Qty. Purchased Values (Loose)
Pulse :
1 Toor 16004.835 6328.25
2 Urad 77050.806 34543.75
  Total 93055.641 40872.00
Oilseeds :
1 Milling Copra 64912.655 35300.32
2 Milling Copra(AP) 49.450 22.62
3 Ball Copra 9275.560 5199.35
4 Sunflowerseed 1499.100 554.67
  Total 75736.765 41076.96
Cotton :
1 Cotton 181510.347 70776.92


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