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Govt. Operations of Nafed

During the year 2014-15,Nafed achieved a bussiness turnover of Rs.2516.38 Crore. The major share in turnover was of domestic trade, which accounted for Rs.2515.83 Crore. The domestic trade ibcludes bussuness in outright Accoun and Price Support Scheme on behalf Goverment of India. Nafed registered a turnover Rs.0.55 Crore on account of export of onion under outright account.

Domestic Trade

Price Support Scheme (PSS)

Oilseed In Order to help the farmers in getting remunerative prices for their produce with a view to encourage higher investment and as also to increase production and productivity of a commodity, Government of India declares Minimum Support Price (MSPs) for 25 notified agricultural commodities for each Kharif & Rabi crop season.

NAFED is one of the Central Nodal Agencies for 16 notified agricultural commodities of Oilseeds, Pulses and Cotton under Price Support Scheme (PSS),and continues to be the sole Central Nodal Agency for procurement of Milling, ball Copra and De-hudk Copra under price Support Scheme.

NAFED Continued to be Central Agency of Government of India in addition to Cotton Corporation of India(CCI) since 2004-05 for procurement of Cotton under PSS. As per the Scheme, the procurement is to be undertaken, if the market price of FAQ stocks rule at or below the declared MSPs and procurement is to be continued till the market price stabilize above the declared MSP or harvesting period of 90 days as Declared by respected States Goverments,Whichever is early. NAFED is procuring FAQ stocks under PSS directly from the farmers through its Cooperative network at State level and Primary level. The payment to the farmers is made through Accounts payee cheque. Losses if any incurred in PSS Operations of Oilseeds, Pulses and Cotton are reimbursed fully by Government of India. Profit, if any, on disposal of the commodities procured under PSS are transferred to Government of India. NAFED has been implementing the Scheme on behalf of Government of India for more than three decades.


  Name of Commodity 2014-15 2015-16
Rabi Crops
Rape Seed/ Mustard 3050 3100
Safflower Seed 3000 3050
Gram 3100 3175
Masur (Lentil) 2950 3075
Toria 3020 3020
Kharif Crops
Soyabean (yellow) 2560 2600
Soyabean (Black) 2500 2600
Groundnut-in- shell 4000 4030
Sunflower Seed 3750 3800
Sesamum Seed 4600 4700
Niger Seed 3600 3650
Moong 4600 4650*
Urad 4350 4425*
Tuar(Arhar) 4350 4425*
Cotton (Medium Staple Length) 3750 3800
Cotton (Long Staple Length) 4050 4100
Perennial Crops (Based on the calendar year)
Milling Copra 5250 5550
Ball Copra 5500 5830
De-Husked Coconut 1425 1500


*An incentive bonus of Rs.200/-per qnintal be given over and above the MSP.


Department of Agriculture and coopration (DAC), Ministory of Agriculture, Govt. Of india has issued guidelines vite its latter dated 31.07.2014 stipulating therein responsbilities of State Govt. and Central Nodal Agencies for undertaking procurement of oilseeds, pulses and cotton under price Support Scheme (PSS).

As per the guidelines, States Goverrment, after evaluation of crop situation in their State, has to notify the expected production, sowing area, average yield, peak arrival/harvesting period for all those crop for which MSP is declared. The State Govt. will send coppy of such notification and willingness of State Goverment to exempt Mandi Tax/Levy, arrangements of publicity of the Scheme, working capital, logistic,godowns, gunny bags to DAC for approval.

During the year 2014-15, ruling market rates for milling copra, ball copra, toor and Urad, were above the Minimum Support price (MSP) declared by the Govt of india for the season.

During Rabi 2014, Nafed made procurement of 279611.125 MTs of gram valuing Rs. 94123.66 Lakh from the State of Rajasthan, Gujrat, Mahrashtra, Madhya pradesh, Andhra pradesh and Karnataka. Nafed also procured 1079.648 MTs of Toor and 6.70 MTs of Urad valuing Rs.1069.87 Lakh and 6.56 Lakh respectively during Kharif 2013.

Purchase of 1714.821 MTs of Mustrsd seeds valuing Rs.558.56 Lakh was made during Rabi 2014 season from Rajasthan. 6229.805 MTs of Groundnut pods valuing Rs.2753.08 Lakh was purchased in the State of Odisha during Rabi 2014 season. Purchase were also made for 4153.213 MTs of Sunflower seeds valuing Rs.1655.28 Lakh during Rabi 2014 season in the States of Odisha and Haryana. However, the market rates for Groundnut pods and sunflower seeds were lower then the MSP during Kharif 2015 season, but no purchase could be made as no concurrence has been received from interested State Goverments through DAC.

During the year 2014-15, procurement of oilseeds and pulses made by Nafed under PSS account is as under:


S.No Commodity Qty. Purchased Values (Loose)
Pulse :
1 Toor 1079.648 1069.87
2 Urad 6.70 6.56
3 Gram 279611.125 94123.66
  Total 280697.473 95200.09
Oilseeds :
1 Groundnut Pods K-2013 2587.875 2352.89
2 Groundnut Pods R-2014 6229.805 2753.08
3 Mustard Seed R-2014 1714.821 558.56
4 Sunflower Seed R-2014 4153.213 1655.28
  Total 14685.714 7319.81
  Grand Total 295383.187 102519.90


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